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We are proud of our highly qualified, diverse and friendly team.

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 8:30am- 5pm

Saturday 8am – 11am

Closed on public holidays.

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Visit Type Fee Medicare Rebate
Standard Consultation (up to 15 mins) $75.00 $37.05
Long Consultation (up to 30 mins) $105.00 $71.70
Prolonged Consultation (up to 45 mins) $140.00 $105.55

how to find us

how to reach us

02 4365 4999

a  602 Terrigal Dr Erina NSW 2250
f  (02) 4365 4841
e  info@yourfamilydoctors.com.au


Now accepting a limited number of new patients. Please call to make an appointment.

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